First 100 days

If elected Town of Webster Supervisor, I would commit to the following achievements, in order of priority, in the first 100 days of my term:

1. Appoint the New Town of Webster Comprehensive Plan Committee

to revise the current version, last updated in 2008, and currently NOT even being followed by our present Supervisor, Town, Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals members.

This committee will be a broad spectrum of Webster residents and representative of their diverse interests. The committee will include (but not be limited to) members representing our Trail System, Youth and recreational sports programs, businessowners, Xerox, waterfront, Churches, Civic/Charity organizations and utilities representation. Additionally, emphasis on diversity will be top priority, with women, people of color, LGBTQIA, along with men from various religions and both major political ideologies will be represented.

Once established, the committee will be tasked with setting an overall vision for Webster to achieve over the next 20 years, leading to our bicentennial in 2040.

Subcategories of the Comprehensive Plan will establish objectives, policy and targeted completion dates will be defined for:

  1. Development/Zoning
  2. Environmental
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Walkability
  5. Relationship with Webster Schools
  6. Relationship with Monroe County, New York State and Federal Governments
  7. Green Plan/Utilities
  8. Open Space

2. Fill vacancies on Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals and Conservation Board

with appointees that represent all political parties, proportionate to voter registration percentages in Webster.

3. Reformat the Town Board Meeting Agenda

here are specific changes I would bring to all of the Town Board meetings:

  1. Currently, the floor is open for comments at the beginning of the meeting (although this is ‘subject to change’ as indicated on the current agendas.) I would insert open comment periods after each item on the agenda, prior to board action on said item. These open comment periods would be with strictly enforced time limits and require citizens to sign up in advance to speak on specific agenda item.
  2. With regard to the ‘subject to change’ disclaimer, I would amend that to read, “Agenda items are subject to change due to circumstances that would make it necessary to remove an item, no items will be added after 48 hours prior to this board meeting.” This would disallow any changes that would remove open comment periods or the addition of items too late for citizens to request an open comment period regarding that agenda item.
  3. With regard to requiring citizens to sign up in advance for open comment period on specific agenda items, the Town will make available any supporting documents associated with said agenda item with the posting of the agenda, which will be done 5 days prior to the meeting (in the case of weekends, that time would be extended back to prior business day.) The deadline for registering to speak at open comment for agenda items would be 48 hours prior to the meeting, again that deadline extending back to business day immediately prior in case of weekends coinciding with deadline.
  4. With regard to availability of supporting documents for citizen review, the Town will make these documents available and in cases where Freedom of Information Letters are required, the Town will make an online FOIA form easily accessible on the Town website and will expedite requests for the purpose, producing said documents (or explanation of any delay) within 24 hours.
  5. Minutes from previous Board meetings scheduled for Board approval will be made available 5 days prior to the meeting that they appear on the agenda for citizen review and are subject to the open comment policy described above.
  6. The open comment period at the beginning of the meeting, where citizens can take 5 minutes to discuss any subject will still be included.

4. Identify neighborhoods that are impacted by large flow of non-resident vehicle traffic (Cut Through Neighborhoods)

and implement a uniform package of relief measures that include, but are not limited to:

  1. Stop signs and reflective decals for intersections.
  2. Posted Speed Limit signage at all entry points.
  3. Develop criteria for additional traffic calming solutions, including, but not limited to: seasonal or permanent speed bumps, street lights and restrictions on certain commercial traffic.

5. Repeal the Town ordinance

that treats political campaign signs the same as every other temporary sign and requires a fee to be paid, along with listing the names, addresses and phone numbers of residents and businesses that host a campaign sign. This is a clear violation of Webster citizens’ 1st and 4th amendment rights, in addition to being selectively enforced, and must be ended immediately.

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