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As I’ve contemplated how to sum up my 2017 campaignnfor Webster Town Supervisor against, now 24 year incumbent, Ron Nesbitt, I kept coming back to this singular word.



In 2017, I put forth 10 proposals that would save Webster taxpayers money. I’m back with many of those, along with a few new ones. My BOLDEST idea for 2019 is to re-format our Town Board meetings as Webster currently meets the bare minimum of the Open Meetings Law and we can do better.



In 2017, as a virtual unknown, I descended on the Webster Facebook pages with an audacity and tenacity that our Town had not seen before. Of course, those who know these pages, know the trolls came out in force. I leveraged these troll attacks to draw attention to my platform and the important issues of our Town. It wasn’t everyone’s cup-of-tea, but it was effective in reaching voters and a RECORD 5806 voters cast a vote for me, a Democrat, in Webster. In 2019, I’m BOLDLY elevating my campaign above the scrum that was necessary in 2017. Follow me on Facebook for my 2019 platform, events and opportunities to get involved with our campaign.



In 2017, I labeled myself more of an activist than a politician. 2016 showed us all that people were tired of politicians. I feel that is still the case. A political party exists to give people a platform to combine their resources to achieve a common goal, the party does not dictate how its members behave, think, vote OR have the right to belong in their caucus. In 2019, I’m resuming my efforts to return autonomy, agency and power to the individuals that make up our Town of Webster.

Most importantly, I’m BOLDLY asking for your vote in the upcoming Democratic primary on Tuesday, June 25, so I can finish what we started in 2017 and claim a victory for EVERY resident of Webster, NY, Where Life is Worth Living.

Thank you.

John Hutchings

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